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Breathing Spaces

What is breathing spaces?
Breathing Spaces is a chance for attendees of the Word Factory masterclasses to have a chance to do just that: breathe, and take in everything from the earlier session. It’s an opportunity to extend and deepen the masterclass experience. We’ll take time for reflection, through group discussion and writing, where time permits, expanding on the themes set out in the masterclass. All those new ideas can get an airing. We’ll share contacts and make opportunities for continuing discussions and sharing resources.

What can I expect?
This year’s master classes with Tom Lee, Preti Taneja, Ingrid Persaud and Stella Duffy – invite you to take your feelings for a walk, find your voice, write convincing dialogue and work with your body – so you can tap into your unique writing voice. In each of those session, there will be plenty to reflect on; ideas to share and discuss.

A few words from Linda Quinn – host of Breathing Spaces
I’m very excited to be leading the Breathing Spaces groups that will follow the masterclass workshops at Word Factory; a fabulous idea that was originally conceived by the writer Melissa Fu, who was an apprentice at Word Factory. As a member, I’ve attended the masterclasses for many years; classes with Tessa Hadley, Leone Ross and Carys Davies, to name but a few. The Masterclasses have not only inspired me in my approach to my current novel short story and novel writing, but also my teaching at City Lit and other work with writers. I look forward to exploring our responses to this years line up with you.

About Linda Quinn
Linda Quinn did most of her growing up in a caravan in West Country fields and byways. After working in the music industry, she trained as an actress and was the founder and director of Freefall Theatre Company. She worked in a variety of small television and film roles, worked scripting and editing from improvisations, and completed an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck in London. She now lives and works in London, teaching Creative Writing at City Lit. More recently, she is focusing on completing a novel and a series of short stories. She is a founder of Pikes Ibiza Literary Festival.

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