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Joe Dunthorne

My most recent reading recommendations are Louise Glück – Meadowlands, Michael Deforge – Very Casual, and Jane Bowles – Two Serious Ladies.

Online Interviews:

‘Writing, you’re taught, is the battle against cliché, and that you should be totally ruthless in stripping away all hackneyed phrasing and sentimentality, and I do agree with all that. But there’s a time when you think, Have I earned the right to be genuine, and to shrug off irony, cynicism, hipness possibly and just be a little bit earnest?’ Read the whole interview here.

‘Prior to Submarine, every time I’d tried to write “a novel” I’d been paralysed by the expectation that I put on myself — that a novel needed to be something grand, very literary and hugely ambitious. With Submarine, I managed to stop myself overthinking, and just wrote what I enjoyed.’ Read the interview here.

‘I wanted to capture something more mundane that isn’t even that different to “normal” life.’ Read the full interview here.

Joe at Word Factory:

Joe DunthorneJoe Dunthorne was born and brought up in Swansea. His debut novel, Submarine, was translated into fifteen languages and made in to a film by Richard Ayoade. His debut poetry pamphlet was published by Faber. His second novel, Wild Abandon (Hamish Hamilton/Penguin), was published in 2012 and won the Encore Award. You can visit Joe online at joedunthorne.com.

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