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Short Shorts

We like short shorts …and here are a selection of ultra-short stories from visitors to The Word Factory. Contact us if you would like to see your work here. We are currently preparing to offer you a selection of unpublished and commissioned stories from your favourite authors. More news in due course.

The Busy Writer in April: News and Opportunities

Should be nicer out! So here’s some things to get out to. Probably won’t be that nice! Here’s some things to do in… Read full story

The Busy Writer in March: News and Opportunities

Quick! Finish your ‘To Be Read’ pile! There’s a LOT of exciting things to read, do and attend in March. (Of course, read Dance Move by Wendy Erskine first.)
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The Busy Writer in February: News and Opportunities

No longer dark at 4! Crocuses and snowdrops! Wendy Erskine’s Dance Move! Read about all the exciting things happening in February below!

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The Busy Writer in January: News and Opportunities

We didn’t really feel that we got to grips with 2021. Hopefully we’ll do better with 2022. To help you get involved with January, try these on for size!

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They had come from the city to spend Christmas with their grandfather. He was an intolerant, religious man, especially impatient with the younger sister. His hearing was poor, but he could see that she was bored. Read full story