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The Busy Writer in April: News and Opportunities

You may have noticed The Word Factory has a particularly splendid spring season on at the moment. But if you are after more prizes and writing(that is ‘writing about writing’ – pretty proud of myself) harken to these opportunities below…

Photo by Roksolana Zasiadko on Unsplash

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We love the Bristol short story prize! With one award for all-comers and another especially for Bristolians it has that eclectic and local feel that makes Bristol such a funky city.

If you’re an under-represented writer this looks a great prize!  This year’s theme is Essential, though they say the theme is a creative prompt, not a requirement. Send them your best work!


Book this!

When we thought up this event, we imagined two of Britain’s most urbane and eloquent short story writers waxing lyrical about Alice Munro’s short story ‘Chance’.  However, after their posturing and trash talk on Twitter in the build up to this, we’re just going to put them in a cage and let them beef it out.

Olivia Chapman, from Writing West Midlands, offers a Masterclass on how to pitch your work to publishers, agents and journals. Limited spaces available so book now for 23rd April.


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Edward Hogan’s winning short story for the 2020/21 Galley Beggar Prize is at once intimate and threatening tale. It starts from very little and without warning goes right off a cliff-edge…

Our second mention of Chris Power (his mercurial debut novel A Lonely Man is here) . Tom interviewed him about how he wrote his short story ‘The Crossing’ – Chris’ answers have revolutionised how we think about the short story.

Read it wearing a crash helmet for when it blows your mind…


Listen to this!

Notra culpa: we found this only podcast only recently! But my oh my, it’s everything we ever wanted. Its back list includes The Word Factory BFFs Jon McGregor and Kevin Barry as well as authorial demi-gods like James Salter and George Saunders.


Colin Barrett won *checks notes* EVERYTHING with his first book of short stories. His second collection should be due soon and he reckons its loads better.  Listen to this reading of his story as a preview…



Compiled by  Tom Conaghan.  If there is something you’re doing that Word Factory followers should know about, email him at tom@thewordfactory.tv


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