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The Busy Writer in November: News and Opportunitiesis

To help November’s sales sheets, tinsel goes up in shops now in late October. Though let’s not allow a commercial decision to affect that early winter feeling.

While we take to the streets to defend Novemberiness, here is this month’s “Busy Writer”…

Photo by Titouan COLOMB on Unsplash


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This is an amazing US magazine. One of the original classic short story magazines, publishing Sherwood Anderson, John Cheever, Truman Capote, Mary O’Hara, Carson McCullers, Norman Mailer, Anais Nin, and Richard Wright, The Story publishes a triennial magazine of brilliant short stories. We know someone who works for it – the standard is very high, so if you are accepted that would make for a very good year!

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Spread the Word always does great writing courses and this one looks amazing. It’s free and on 24 November so sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

Read this!

Eudora Welty was a magnificent short story writer. In her sense of voice and place you can see her handing on of the torch from Willa Cather to Tom Drury.  She was also a generous and passionate exponent on the writing of fiction. This is a rare free read from The Paris Review. If you like this, buy her linked story cycle – The Golden Apples.

If you enjoy reading madly poetic works and writers discuss their own writing, then prepare yourself for Lucie Elven’s madly poetic discussion of her own writing! It’s a blast…

Listen to this!

This was our first introduction to the work of Sean O’Reilly and it’s gobsmacking! What a story it must be, when the terrible thing that happens isn’t what the story is about. 



Compiled by  Tom Conaghan.  If there is something you’re doing that Word Factory followers should know about, email him at tom@thewordfactory.tv


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