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“The Busy Writer in November” – News and Opportunities

There is officially too much going on. Call it FOMO, call it Tsundoku, but the world brings us so many brilliant ideas that we can get a touch overwhelmed from time to time. So… for your delectation (and digestion), we have edited the short story multiverse down to a few really special things.

Compiled by  Tom Conaghan.  If there is something you’re doing that Word Factory followers should know about, email him at tom@thewordfactory.tv

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A really interesting second look at the 20th Century American short story.

From the brilliant Lithub site, some poetic advice on storing up the creative battery.

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We saw it was a collection of superb writers, but what a collection of superb stories!

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This is not brand spanking new, but this story has stuck with me as a beautifully rich story.

Again, this podcast was from last year but I really wanted to share it with you all. Just a clearly fantastic story.


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