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The Busy Writer in September: News and Opportunities

We are pretty sure it was us who first said: I need a holiday from this holiday. Which is possibly the best way of thinking about September.

Anyway, as we stumble back to a new school year, remember that you shouldn’t expect to be “refreshed” or “renewed”,  all you can hope for is to be “reconvened.”

To help you get back to it, here’s September’s “Busy Writer”…


Photo by Rosalie Barley on Unsplash


Submit to this!

The Kenyon Review is THE gateway to short story stardom. It’s a hugely famous US publication that is genuinely open to the public. Anyone who is anyone has been published by the Kenyon Review.
Their submission window is open just for September and, frankly, we are SICK we have nothing ready for them.
Neon is a bright light in the UK short story scene, a sleek quarterly print magazine published by Krishan Coupland. It is everything a story magazine should be: friendly, curious, eclectic, free-to-enter, paying-if-published.
All this, and it’s open for submissions now!

Book this!

We mentioned this last month, but now would be the time to join Retreat West. As well as brilliant courses on short stories and flash fiction writing, you also get membership of a supportive band of fellow tutors and writing students.

Read this!

This might be one of the best short stories in recent years. Sarah Hall won the BBC Short Story Award for this in 2013. Tom spoke to her about how she wrote it and it’s an intriguing interview. It turns out it’s a pretty amazing story how it came to her!  

The White Review Prize gathers the absolute best in short stories. These are writers at the absolute cutting edge of  short storydom and their innovation and sheer talent are mind-boggling. We like to read one a day because any more might be too much!

Listen to this!

Even though this is from a few months ago, we’re still recommending it now as the story is so beautifully crafted. Read it and marvel! 



Compiled by  Tom Conaghan.  If there is something you’re doing that Word Factory followers should know about, email him at tom@thewordfactory.tv


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