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Meet our next apprentices…

Word Factory is delighted to welcome its third and fourth writers to the Word Factory apprentice scheme. Kerstin Twachtmann and Uschi Gatward were chosen by a panel of judges from over a hundred entries. For six months, the apprentices will be mentored by leading authors Adam Marek and Nicholas Royle.

The scheme brings emerging short story writers together with leading authors and publishing professionals. We offer free entry to all events and seminars, the chance to be published online, a reading at one of our events plus contact with the Word Factory team.

We have also partnered with Spread the Word and literary agent Carrie Kania, to offer the apprentices a range of additional exciting opportunities, including career consultations and access to workshops. At the end of the apprenticeship, each mentor and mentee will read at one of our London salons and share their experience with the audience. Each apprentice will also be awarded £250 worth of vouchers for Waterstones to be spent on books to further their reading development (find out how Holly Dawson spent hers last year).


Kerstin TwachtmannKerstin Twachtmann was born in London to German parents. She studied English Literature at university and worked for a number of years as a music journalist before moving into digital production. She will spend her time on the Word Factory Apprenticeship Scheme developing her body of short fiction work. Adam Marek said “Kerstin’s writing balances quirkiness and realism in a deft and fluent style. I’m excited to read more and to start working with her.”

Uschi GatwardUschi Gatward was born in East London and lives there now. She has been shortlisted for the Asham Award and the Bristol Short Story Prize, and has received an Arts Council England award for her short fiction. Her stories have recently appeared in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology (vol 6), Brittle Star, Litro and Litro NY online, Southword, and Structo, and been performed at Liars’ League London and New York City, and at the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. Short pieces are forthcoming in the Momaya Annual Review and in a British Council anthology. She is a guest blogger for Mslexia.


Associate editor Carrie Kania is a former Harper Collins editor and a literary agent with Conville and Walsh. She owns The Society Club in Soho.

Deputy editor Paul McVeigh suggested the scheme after thinking about his own experience as an emerging writer. A playwright and short story writer, Paul’s first novel The Good Son will be published in 2015 by Salt. He is the Director of the London Short Story Festival.

Editor Cathy Galvin founded the Word Factory in 2012 as a focus for excellence in short fiction with regular live events in London and new branches of the organisation forming throughout the UK. “We are thrilled to be supporting two talented writers and deeply grateful for the generous support they are receiving from our mentors and others outside the organisation. It’s a very exciting time for writers and publishing entrepreneurs” she said.

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