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Word Factory Apprentice Melissa Fu Strikes Major Publishing Deal

We’re excited to announce that former Word Factory Apprentice Melissa Fu has struck a major worldwide publishing deal with her debut novel Peach Blossom Spring.


This terrific news is no surprise. Melissa Fu is a generous, talented writer who has been a great friend to the Word Factory. Her work will go from strength to strength. This is also further affirmation that the Word Factory Apprentice Award is one of the most formative schemes for emerging writers in the UK.


Melissa says, “The Word Factory has been a huge part of my growth as a writer. Being selected as an Apprentice boosted my writing tremendously. I learnt so much from the masterclasses and from my wonderful mentor, Zoe Gilbert. So I’m especially delighted that Peach Blossom Spring grew from a short story that Zoe first helped me coax onto the page.”


We can’t wait to read Peach Blossom Spring which explores Chinese history and the American immigrant experience. It will be published in January 2022.


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